“John Kavanaugh is homeless, living on the streets of West Chester, Pa. But his lack of income and home has not affected Kavanaugh’s principles.

The homeless man stepped on an envelope on the ground last week and saw a pile of $50 and $100 bills spill out. He immediately turned the $1,440 in to West Chester Police. Why?

“If it was somebody’s rent money, you know, they could use it,” he told the Inquirer. “It could set you back.”

The money belonged to Robert Stauffer, a Pottstown attorney who discovered too late that his money had fallen through a hole in his coat. Stauffer told the Inquirer that he was planning on using the money to get some mortgages recorded.

“The entire balance is in there — not a penny was taken,” Stauffer told 6ABC.

Stauffer plans to meet up with Kavanaugh Wednesday or Thursday this week to thank the penniless Good Samaritan and offer him a monetary award. Stauffer also wants to give a donation to any shelter or food pantry Kavanaugh goes to, “so he gets a little special treatment.”

“It reinforces my faith in humanity,” Stauffer told the Inquirer. “I expected I would never see that money.”

“It’s certainly commendable that an individual, regardless of their station in life, would act so positively,” West Chester Police Chief Scott Bohn told 6ABC.”

Teresa Masterson, 2.28.2011

WOW! Now here is a man of very little ( if any) of what the world considers valuable. He has no home, no car and no job and yet he made a decision seemingly without much thought that most people who sleep in their comfortable beds  in their warm houses and have a means of making a living would struggle with. I believe that integrity and character is the only true value of a man.

To quote Eleanor Roosevelt, “Only a man’s character is a real criterion of his worth.”

Now I open up the floor to you, how do you think (honestly!) you would have acted if you were in Mr. Kavanaugh’s shoes?  Please feel free to share any similar stories or nominate someone you believe should be join John Kavanaugh in the Winner’s Lane!